Portrait of Joe McDonald


My name is Joe McDonald and I am a 24 year old male from Cutler, Maine. Some things about me are, this is my third at University of Maine at Orono and I am studying New Media with a possible minor in Film. I went into the U.S Navy after high school, and was a Gunners Mate rank of E-4. Some things I like to do, are hang with friends, work out, play video games, play guitar and sing. I enjoy filming also and am good at coming up with creative ideas, and shot editing.

Creative Statement

I feel like New Media will help me explore and expand on my creativeness. I feel I am a very creative person and explore various forms of media such as musical performance and filmmaking. I enjoy socializing with people and feel that is one of my strongest areas of my creative expression and wish to pursue that further. I enjoy working with teams, meeting new people and getting the chance to learn and maybe teach them at the same time. In New Media I would like to explore more areas of creative expression to find other things that I like also.